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Hunter Accountants are active members of Integra International, a worldwide interactive global association of independent accountancy firms dedicated to exchanging information and advising growing businesses and professionals. It is represented in over 50 countries and operates in 139 major cities around the world. Most offices have English speakers enabling clients to conduct business away from home.

If you are a UK company, then through the Integra association, we can help you in trading with overseas companies, selling to overseas markets, and setting up an overseas operation.

If you are based outside the UK, but are looking to set up a business operation in the South West then we have the necessary expertise to help you through all the financial, legal and administrative ‘hurdles’ that you may face.

As an association, Integra International does not practice the profession of public accountancy or provide audit, tax, consulting or other professional services of any type to third parties. The association does not constitute a joint venture, partnership or network between participating firms. Because the association firms are independent, Integra International does not guarantee the services or the quality of services provided by participating firms.

Please contact us directly to find out exactly how we can help you.

To find out more about Integra International please visit the association’s website at

Integra International

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