Audit & Assurance

Where an audit is required, our approach is designed to add value to our clients’ businesses and produce positive benefits from our procedures. Our staff will always offer a personal and efficient service.

The audit is primarily an independent report to your shareholders about the entity’s profitability and state of affairs, but we believe it has many more uses.

Our approach to your audit can transform what is perceived to be an unnecessary overhead into a valuable annual health check for management.

We feel that in order to perform effective audits, we must:

  • Be familiar with our clients’ business operations and their industries.
  • Be aware of the economic climate and its impact on the clients’ business.
  • Provide a responsive, innovative and cost effective service delivered to the highest professional standards.

We are registered to carry on audit work in the Uk and Ireland and are regulated for a range of investment business by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Details about our audit registration can be viewed at under reference COO2790944 and for Ireland under reference number EWCOO2790944.

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What our client say about us!

Peter Prater, managing director, QTAC

QTAC is a Bristol-based company specialising in the production of payroll services. Established since 1994, QTAC is one of the leaders in its field at producing and developing software that is flexible and easy to use.

The experience and efficiency that staff at QTAC express when dealing with their customers has led to the company’s 3,000 clientele base. Their success is due to a number of factors, mainly their reliability and professionalism as a company.

QTAC has been working with Mark Hunter for most of the time they have been established. Hunter Accountants deals with the company’s audit and tax as well as providing strategic knowledge.

Peter Prater, the managing director at QTAC is very satisfied with the service that Hunter Accountants provides, saying: “I had already known Mark before he decided to set up Barnes Hunter and began working with him after the company was established. Throughout the 10 years that I have been working with him, the service has been consistent and efficient. The staff are competent, very nice and extremely organised, all the qualities that have made me stay with them so long.”

Peter concludes: “Due the excellent service that Mark has provided over the years, there is no need for me to change to a different accountants. I have already recommended Hunter Accountants to my colleagues and will continue doing so.”

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